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Adult Tap Dance

Tap Dancing is a fun and exciting way to stay active and energetic! This class is designed for Adults who are wishing to experience an easy-going introduction to the basic tap steps and techniques as well as simple rhythms and movements. Students will learn from the beginning of tap dance technique to reach a point of balance, rhythm and tap dance progression. 
No tap experience necessary! So come and participate at your own level of ability.

Get Fit In The A.M.
Monday & Wednesday 6-7 a.m.
A great all-around workout for Adults!  This class will help you lose weight, build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and give you a healthy outlook.  No more excuses- get lean, get fit, just get here!
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Youth Ballet - Ages 5-8
Confidence, poise, posture and proper technique are all vital parts of ballet.  In this class you will learn these fundamentals as well as develop a strong understanding of the dance.  This class is structured to teach children so they can advance to the next level of ballet.

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From the Italian Balletto, diminutive of ballo, "dance." Classical theatrical dancing based on the danse d'ecole, the rules and vocabulary that were codified around 1700 in France.

A style of dancing developed in North America, involving quick tapping of the toes and heels on the floor.

Hip HopHip Hop
A popular subculture, originally created by inner-city teenagers but now prevalent in the suburbs, that emphasizes rap music, break dancing, and DJ scratching. 

A mixture of African and European folk dances developed in North America/New Orleans around the early 1900s. 

Lyrical dance is a blend of ballet, modern,  and jazz dance styles. It is interpretive in nature and lends itself to liturgical dance.  Lyrical dance is poetry in motion and usually consists of slow, rounded movements.

Fitness can be defined as a holistic feeling or state of well-being. Physical fitness consists of many different body capabilities, such as endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination.